Hololens Development Notes

a rough guide from those who have gone before...


To learn the basics of AR and development on Microsoft's Hololens, we walked through the instructions at Microsoft's Holograms 101E course.  While much of the codebase is outdated, walking through as many of the lessons as possible until your code ceases to compile due to outdated libraries is still a good way to learn basic concepts such as camera controls


Before we can begin, we have at least a half-day's worth of downloads to take care of.   Start Early!


While completing the basics of Chapter 1 ("Holo" world) from the Holograms 101 link above, it's worth noting that you can you must be running the holographic remoting player to run your apps via IP address on a Hololens.  If you're running on a local emulator - don't worry about it!




Once you reach the useful end of the tutorials above, Cameron Vetter's tutorials are an excellent followup path.  He includes insights into the basics of working with Microsoft's invaluable Mixed Reality Toolkit (formerly HoloToolKit) and a publishing workflow allowing you to execute code directly from Visual Studio, taking advantage of breakpoints and removing the need for the holographic remoting player.

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