Environment and Place


Interactive Map

Interactive Map is a free online/offline multi-user interactive mapping tool used to collect data.


Multi-virus rapid and sensitive test kit

This field test detects mosquitoes infected by pathogens such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya by using an innovative lateral flow dipstick.

Mosquito Virus Detection Kit

This cost effective diagnostic test is able to detect multiple pathogens and does not require specialized equipment. 



The Ecovisualisations Project investigates the efficacy of data visualisation for communicating environmental messages and promoting behaviour change. 

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Visitor Survey

A detailed understanding of visitor expectations and experiences in visiting Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. 

Interactive Planning Game

This is the first 'fit for purpose' teaching and learning tool for regional and urban planning.

Fraser Young Explorer Project

A project to develop interactive handheld devices that offers self-guided field-based educational tours for disadvantaged school children visiting remote environments. 


Darkwood is an interactive multiplayer game about carbon sequestration and forests in catchments.