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Here at Engage, we develop the latest technologies and collaborate with world leaders in their discipline. Engage members share the vision and mission through empowered research that benefits the faculties, university and society. Whether you’re a student, researcher or organisation, Engage provides you with the platform and experience to change the world around you.

The university offers a wide range of relevant programs if you are interested in research. Enrolments are now open for the Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Creative Arts, Master of Arts (Research), and Masters of Creative Arts programs. There are also a number of other relevant Postgraduate Programs offered at USC. The university also offers Research Fellowships and Student Scholarships to promising students.

Our projects also answer the real needs of real people. Whether you are a community group or government department we can work with you to solve your issues.

As a member of Engage, you’ll have access to:

  • innovative techniques, technologies and methods to undertake your research, and support from team experts for the design and implementation in your project.
  • Engage facilities (research spaces, observation rooms and meeting rooms), the Immerse Studio and use of all the associated technologies and services  

Not to mention:

  • Your involvement with Engage can strengthen your chance of success in external grant applications as often funders are looking for evidence of a strong research environment.
  • Your research will be recognised as being aligned to one of the strong areas of research focus promoted by the University and Engage.
  • Supervised HDR students will be located in the Engage research space with other HDR students and benefit from the creative, collegial and supported research environment
  • We believe in harnessing the power of technology to empower society. So whether you’re a student, researcher or potential partner, you will have an exciting and rewarding experience working with us!



Engage is supported by many distinguished donors from the community.  Join them!

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