Gaming Well: Positive Impact on Mental Health

This research was designed to understand the positive intersection of gaming and the wellbeing of young people (12-25 years). It documents evidence regarding links between videogames and positive mental health. It also provided guidelines for use by other researchers to design specific tools and games that improve mental health and wellbeing for young Australians.  


Young and Well CRC, 2012

Christian Jones, Mary Katsikitis, Laura Scholes
Daniel Johnson, Queensland University of Technology
Michelle Carras, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA

Young and Well CRC



The team authored a review of latest research findings in support of videogames and flourishing mental health based on psychological theory. It was published in journals and at academic conference, presented to the videogames industry at the PAX industry conference, at mental health conferences, and in national and international media.

Gaming Well: Links Between Videogames And Flourishing Mental Health
What Are Videogames Doing To Society And How Can We Really Know?
Videogames and Wellbeing: A Comprehensive Review